Etiquette For Young Ladies


Etiquette Course for Young Ladies Ages 9 – 12

Etiquette for Young Ladies is as fun as it is educational. Empowering young ladies with manners, social skills, poise and style will allow them to be more confident in social settings, to understand their potential and to feel good about themselves.

This 4-week course teaches social etiquette, table manners, personal grooming and skin care. Classes are taught conversational style which involves everyone in discussion for easy learning.


Class One: Self Introduction and Introducing Others – Handshaking, Eye Contact, and Smiling – Please, Thank You and You're Welcome – Making Mistakes and Apologizing – Telephone Etiquette

Class Two: Quick Review –Texting and Social Networking Sites – Gift Giving and Receiving – Attending A Party – Thank-You Notes – Dealing With Teasing and Bullies – Becoming a Skilled Conversationalist – Joining a Group and Exiting a Conversation

Class Three: Quick Review – Three-Course Meal Instructional – Table Skills and Dining Manners – Formal/Informal Place Settings – Use of Proper Utensils - American/Continental Style of Dining – Entering and Leaving The Table – Posture and Conversation

Class Four: Quick Review – Poise & Posture – Grooming – Skin Care – Graduation Celebration

Homework will be given at the end of each class.

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Class Dates & Pricing
Class size is limited to fourteen students, so early enrollment is encouraged!

Note: Classes span over four separate days, and each class lasts two hours.

   Start Date: SEPT 7th 2024
   SEPT 7, 14, 21, 28
   Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
   Price: $ 285.00/child
   Register SEPT 7th Class
   Registration closes at
11:59PM AUG 31, 2024

Parents, we offer Summer Camp courses for this age group! Go to our Etiquette Summer Camp section below to learn more!

For more information on classes and registration, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 480-510-6346.

“Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back.”
~ Thomas Sowell

Parent Reviews

"Ms. Brown is the consummate etiquette professional. She is gracious from the way she dresses to the way she teaches the kids. My shy child now makes eye contact when greeting someone and uses a knife and fork to cut food! Highly recommended!
~ Talia O.

"Mrs. Brown is amazing and I fully recommend her class! She was able to get my daughter to do things (eye contact, proper hello, shake hands etc...) in only a few short sessions when I have tried for YEARS! My daughter now sets the table "the proper way" and constantly tells me the "proper way" to do things. My daughter will be taking this class again when she is older to review and reinforce what she has learned. Mrs. Brown provides a place mat showing correct placements. Invaluable information.
~ Kris C.

"This was a fun and very creative way to teach young women etiquette. Mrs. Brown is very professional and is very interactive, positive and kind to the young women making learning fun. The Young Women's experience helped them achieve an appreciation to have good etiquette always. Learning etiquette now will help them be prepared for life experience. It was an exceptional class with a lot of great advice. I would highly recommend this class for all ages of children and youth."
Thanks again! Mrs. Brown"
~ Sandie

"My teenage son and preteen daughter learned a lot from the class they took at It's All About Etiquette. SueAnn was professional, made the class fun, and added nice touches like homemade goodies at the end of class. More importantly, she was able to communicate with various ages proper etiquette and manners in many different situations. We have practiced them as a family and my children continue to share what they have learned."
~ Wendy