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Live Online Etiquette Classes

This is a popular course teaching etiquette with enthusiasm so that the children value the lessons and start to put the topics they learn into practice with their everyday lives. It also encourages face to face relationships, kindness, thinking, sharing, friendships and love for others. Students will learn dining skills, introductions, and how to write thank-you notes to name a few.

Who: Children Ages 7-12 and Teens Ages 13-18

We will be teaching live on Zoom as most schools are adopting this form of training and it is becoming familiar with most families. There is no fee to download Zoom and no account is required.

Parents are encouraged to watch the online class with your child so you can follow up with some of the topics we cover each day. We assign homework after each class for the student to finish prior to the next class.

Class Materials Provided: Instructional Manual, Table Setting Etiquette Placemat, Homework Checklist, and Graduation Certificate

Preparation for the online classes:
1) Download Zoom (free, please see the System Requirements paragraph below)
2) Computer, laptop, or mobile device with a webcam (PC, Mac, Android or Apple -- a tablet or laptop is suggested for best viewing & communication)
3) Place setting materials: utensils (2 salad forks/dessert forks, dinner fork, dinner knife, table/soup spoon, 2 teaspoons/dessert spoons), napkin, water glass, dinner plate, and one small bread/salad/dessert plate
4) Capability to print instructional manual with homework checklist and placemat (two sides) and one hour of your time for four days (1.5 hours for the Teen Class). If you do not want to print these out, you may have them open on an additional device to refer to.

Live, Online Etiquette for Young Ladies & Young Men, Ages 7-12

Day One: How to Meet & Greet - Self Introduction & Introducing Others - Handshaking, Eye Contact, and Smiling - Please, Thank You, You're Welcome
Day Two: Sharing, Gift Giving, and Receiving – Cell Phone/Texting Manners - Social Networking Safety – Attending a Party – Thank You Notes
Day Three: Table Skills & Dining Manners – Place Settings – Using the Proper Utensils – Behavior at the Table – Entering & Leaving the Table – Posture & Conversation
Day Four: Review Table Skills & Dining Manners – Proper Hygiene & Grooming – Dress the Part - Graduation
Price: $ 185.00 per student

Live, Online Etiquette for Teens, Ages 13-18

Day One: Handshakes & Eye Contact – Proper Introductions – Body Language – How to Make Small Talk – How to Speak with Right Tone & Clarity
Day Two: Be the Perfect Guest – Invitations & Thank You Notes – Techno-Etiquette & Social Networking Safety – Dating Etiquette
Day Three: Table Skills & Dining Manners – Place Settings – Using The Proper Utensils – Behavior At The Table – Entering & Leaving The Table – Eating at a Restaurant
Day Four: Review Table Skills & Dining Manners - Tips for College/Job Interviews – Dressing the Part – Grooming – Graduation
Price: $ 225.00 per student

Class Dates & Pricing

  Online Class Dates for the 7-12 Age Group
Start Date: NOV 5th 2022
  Dates: NOV 5, 12, 19, 26th 2022
  Time: 10:00am - 11:00am MST
  For Ages: 7-12
  Price: $ 185.00/child
  Register NOV 5th Class
  Registration closes at
11:59PM NOV 2nd 2022

  Online Class Dates for the 13-18 Age Group
Start Date: OCT 1st 2022
  Dates: OCT 1, 2, 8, 9th 2022
  Time: 10:00am - 11:30am MST
  For Ages: 13-18
  Price: $ 225.00/child
  Register OCT 1st Class
  Registration closes at
11:59PM Sept. 28th 2022

System Requirements

You do not need a webcam in order to join a Zoom meeting or webinar. However, students without webcams will not be able to interact with the instructor. A webcam is highly recommended. Your computer or device more than likely exceeds Zoom's system requirements, but if you are using an old computer, phone, or tablet, you may want to read these pages first. These links will open in a new tab.

For computers (Mac, Windows, and Linux) click here
For phones and tablets click here

You may download Zoom here

For more information on classes and registration, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 480-510-6346.